About Lowes & The Diversified Strategy Fund

The award-winning team at Lowes have many years’ experience with a particular focus of analysing collective investment vehicles. The team has developed and refined its own investment process over time, which is fundamental in helping them shortlist funds worthy of further investigation. From there, the funds are subject to a thorough, qualitative analysis through the use of independent research and meeting with the management teams to truly get under the bonnet and fully understand their respective investment philosophies. This knowledge lets the team create portfolios which fully align with intended objectives and risk tolerances whilst being diverse in terms of investment style, assets, and geographical regions where appropriate.

Lowes also have a renowned expertise in structured investments, a sector in which it has been active for longer than most. Not only does the Lowes team perform their own analysis and selection for products released both in the retail investment space and on the listed market, they also collaborate with providers in the design of new innovative solutions for clients, Lowes managed funds and the wider market.

All this knowledge and experience is utilised in the running of many portfolios and two OEICS for which Lowes Investment Management Ltd is the appointed Investment Manager. The MI Diversified Strategy Fund is the longest running of these funds. Managed primarily on a “fund of funds” basis, the portfolio consists primarily of holdings in other OEICS complimented with a portfolio of structured investments and when deemed appropriate, Investment Trusts and ETFs.

Lowes are also the appointed Investment Managers to the Lowes UK Defined Strategy Fund, a fund of structured investments and offer a Managed Portfolio Service on the Embark Investment Platform.

The investment management team at Lowes welcome the opportunity to discuss the Fund and their approach with interested parties so please do not hesitate to get in touch.